Loosen the tension in those shoulder!

ki gong meditation mindfulness Feb 24, 2023
Ki Gong Dish Circulation Exercise

I practice Ki Gong for a lot of reasons. It helps to focus me mentally, provides a number of health benefits , and it compliments my martial arts practice. The martial arts is full of rigorous workouts and one of the staple exercises is pushups. I absolutely love doing pushups and seek out new ways to do them all the time. They do, however, take a toll on the shoulders. Because I practice martial arts I need to be able to freely move my arms quickly and painlessly. 

Let's be honest, wanting to move any part of your body quickly and painlessly isn't a martial arts specific problem. It's one every living being shares. 

For my shoulders specifically I like to do Dish Circulation exercise. It only takes a few repetitions to loosen up the shoulders and lower back. Plus it has this great side effect of bringing me into focus. The routine does take a bit of coordination but once you get it down its pretty easy. 

I've broken the routine down on my YouTube Channel and you can check it out here

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